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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Pvt. Kathrine W. Trickey



Camp Wheeler, Georgia

13 January 1944

Dear Folks,

It is now 2.00 P.M. and I haven’t anything to do so I think I’ll take time to write your letter. It will save time this evening if I have a chance to do it now.

Marjorie and I went to Macon last night. It is a big city and attractive as cities go. Wide streets – and attractive store windows. We just walked around and bought a few items in drug stores and had an ice cream. The bus which we took at our gate of the Camp went all through the Camp and out Gate 2 so we had a chance to see how big the Camp is. That was interesting. It took about 20 minutes for the bus to go from Gate 1 to Gate 2. Row after row of two-story barracks. We seemed to be about the only section which has one story barraks. (sic)

It is now 4.45 P.M. so you can see that I have been busy after all this afternoon. I like it better when I am.

We are now taking P.T. every morning for fifteen minutes. Except for having to change my clothese (sic) I like it. I think it makes me feel much better. We had about three quarters of an hour of drill Tuesday evening. I’d like to have more drill if we didn’t have to have it in the evening. There just isn’t time enough for everything.

The big event this evening is an exhibition Boxing Match by Joe Louis at our gymnasium. I don’t think I shall go. It doesn’t seem to appeal to me.

Tuesday evening after drill Marjorie and I went to the movies and saw “Cry Havoc”, a war picture of the volunteer nurses’ aides on Bataan. Good but harrowing. Rosalind Russell in “What a Woman” is coming Friday and Saturday and I shall try to go if I can. The prevues looked good, and at least it won’t be too serious.

There never seems to be much news to write. We don’t have to ride to work in the Army trucks anymore; we have gradauted (sic) to a regular bus which is decidely more comfortable and much warmer.

Are you getting the city edition of the “News”? If so you might send me a copy sometimes. I used to read it regularly at basic and several had subscriptions to it. I got your letter with the clipping about Hazel Scully. I’m glad to have it as I had lost her announcement giving her married name.

Is Bobby walking yet? You haven’t said but seems as if he should be. His birthday present will be late as I haven’t had a chance to get into a store for weeks and don’t know exactly when I shall be able to do so. I hope to go into Macon again Saturday and early enough to get there before the stores close.

I though(t) that picture was very good of him, didn’t you? Isn’t this typing terrible. I guess I’ll have to learn to spell all over again.

Loads of Love to ALL of you.


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