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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Dear Folks,


Camp Wheeler, Georgia

4 Feb 1944


I did receive your nice package as I mentioned in my last letter. The was[h] cloths are OK and I have plenty now. The presser cloths are fine. I pressed my skirt last night and for the first time felt satisfied with the way it came out. I have been using one of the commercial treated press cloths. But a good old fashioned rag works better!

I took three shirts in to be done up at a laundry in town last Saturday and they said they would be ready last night, so Crockett and I went to town after them. No luck, they weren't done after all so I had to come home and iron me a shirt after all. I shall have to go in again Saturday night now. We ate at the Candlelight again and enjoyed it as much as before .

There is not much news this week. I've stayed in nearly every night just doing odd jobs, washing, writing letters, etc . My corporal is still here on the job with me so I don't have all the work to do; in fact, he does the daily work and I am getting acquainted with the back papers so as to know where to find them when he leaves. I have made some indexes and am checking the set of Army regulations which haven't been fully posted, as they should have been. My boss here is Lt.Poslik. He is an older man who has been in the army quite some time. He has been a master sergeant before going to Officer School. He was stationed in Ireland until last year when they sent him back to this country to attend Officer Candidate School. He is very nice, and it is going to be nice working for him I think. He said yesterday he would arrange it so that I didn't have K .P. anymore. That makes him very very nice!

I should like to see Bobby walk even those few steps which you say he takes. He msut[must] be getting cuter every day.

I did get the income tax things and am going to have to pay about 60 dollars I think. Has Dad got the Registration Blanks for the Car yet. I have to sign them so he'd better get them down to me .

It is too cold to type anymore.The furnace here at the office went on the bum yeasterday (sic) and it is really cold here this morning.

By the way did I tell you that the last two or three weeks have been so warm here that the grass has started to turn green and the bushes have budded and I saw some violets blossomed the other day. However the natives say that this is unsesonable weather and they are worried for fear it will harm the bushes .etc . It is getting colder again this week.

Love .