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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Georgia

12 February 1944

Dear Folks,

Sat. PM. 5 o’clock. Hal and hour [half an hour?] to go. My Corporal has the afternoon off so I have been in the filing section by myself. Very quiet nothing to look up and little to put away. I’m still checking Army Regulations and will be at it nearly all next week but when I finish I’ll know they are as correct as I have data to make them and it won’t have to be done again.

Went to the movies Thursday night (Stayed in and read a dective [detective] story for the first time Wednesday night) We saw Joan Davis in Beautiful but Broke sheer slapstick but very funny. Last night I had two stoves to tend and both were out when I got home. It took me all the evening to get them going and then one went out over night so I had to build it again this morning. We have the darndest coal now its nothing but slack and it cakes rather than burns. It was wet and the wood was wet and the wind was very very strong and seem to blow down the chimney and put the fire out as fast as it was lighted.

I think we are going to Macon for a short time tonight and I shall sleep as long as possible tomorrow mornign [morning] which I have a feeling won’t be very long because it looks as if it were going to be a good day and if so we have to have our foot lockers ready for the painters by 8.30!

I’ve taken out two books (detective stories of course) from the library to read tomorrow so I’ll be happy whatever happens. Marjorie and I sent our old drivers’ licenses in to Augusta and got new ones. no fee because of service status and no expiration date. There is a place in Macon to rent cars and if five or six of us chipped in on it it wouldn’t be more than three dollars for 90 miles travel. When the leaves and grass and flowers are out we will try it. The lawns really are beginning to be green and several kinds of flowers have started to bloom. They have planted shrubs all around our WAC buildings and put in big enough ones so that we shall get some blossoms this year. It adds greatly to the looks of the Area. Now if they’ll just finish the construction so that they can seed the lawns and hold down that sand, it’ll be quite liveable.

There is to be a band concert in the gymnasium tomorrow night and a piano concert in the Service Club, and an amateur play in Macon Wednesday night (Little Theater) which sounds good and which is free to us.

Did you read that piece in the Bangor paper about the Gold mining in Hampden? Maybe Aunt Mary wasn’t so far wrong on her surmise about the rocks at camp!!!

Love to all,


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