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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga.

4 March 1944

Dear Folks,

I’ve sort of neglected the writing this week haven’t I? I’m sorry. Can’t remember when I did write last, I guess Monday. Stayed in Monday night and read and washed, also Tuesday night. Wednesday night Marjorie & I went to the Service Club and watched the dance. I don’t know when I’ve taken time to watch a real dance before. It was fun. Thursday night, we went to town, I took some of my shirts in to have the sleeves shortened; it will help to keep them in press if they don’t fold over at the wrists. We couldn’t find a movie we wanted to see, so we came home early. Yesterday I had K.P. all day and then went to bed. T[o]night, Marjorie & I are going in town again. Tomlorrow, some of us have made rather vague plans, depending on the weather and other things, to hire a car and drive about thirty miles to a valley full of peach trees that should be in full bloom this week end. I hope it works out but it is very indefinite right now. Marjorie and I took a walk the other night in town and saw many Jabonicas (beautiful red flowers larger than a rose and growing on bushes as big as lilac bushes which have no leaves as yet but are covered with these huge red blossoms. Very pretty but no odor. We saw a number of other kinds of bushes in bloom but didn’t know the names of them

Will write again soon,

Hastily Kay

Must catch the bus home for supper.

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