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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Georgia

6 March 1944

Dear Folks,

You have heard, undoubtedly, of Georgia as the Peach State. Yesterday, I found out why. Six of us hired a car and drove to Fort Valley to see the peach blossoms. It was the Sunday when they were in full bloom and we had been told it was a sight worth seeing. It certainly was. There are acres of trees. The pink blossoms against a background of a heavenly blue sky was a sight I shall never forget. We got out of the car and walked a long ways through one orchard. We got so far in it that we could see nothing but peach trees in any direction. There seems to be two varieties of peaches with distinctly different blossoms. One kind is about the size of a quarter and is very beautiful; whereas the other is smaller and not at all pretty. Fortuneately (sic) most of the orchards are of the beautiful vari[e]ty. There is very very little odor to the blossoms which is a disappointment. They do not compare favorably [to] the apple blossoms in that respect. I imagine that a large orchard of apple trees w[o]uld be even more attractive than the peaches but I do not know. We couldn’t have had a better day. The weather was hot and summery but not uncomfortably so. It seemed grand to drive a car again. The OPA [Operations, Army] allows them to rent one car for 90 miles pleasure driving per indididual [individual] per month. It seemed queer to have to watch the mileage so carefully. As there were six of us in the car it cost us only 2.10 a piece and we were gone over eight hours and drove the full 90 miles. If we wish a car again this month some [one] else will have to sign up for it.

After we had eaten dinner at Fort Valley in a small but nice restaurant there, we walked around the town to see the houses and flowers. There were many flowers which none of us knew. We asked an elderly man who was out in front of one of the homes about one of his flowers and got into a conversation with him. He finally invited us into his house to meet his wife and we had quite an interesting visit with them. It was the first time any of us had been in a civilian home since we joined the Army. They have a very attractive new brick house. The living room was spacious with white paneling and a fireplace. They were both very cordially (sic) to us. They had been planning to drive out to see a nursery of Camellias which were in bloom and arranged for us to follow them in our car. We would never have found out about that particular place to go if they hadn’t invited us to go along with them. And it was well worth seeing. I don’t know whether you know what camellias are like or not. I had never seen any that I know of. They are quite a lot like roses only without any odor. The man who has this nursery specializes in developing as many varieties as possible and he must have two or three hundred different varieties there some outdoors and some in hot houses. They are mostly pink, red or white with mixtures of pink & white.

It was as you can see a very interesting day, much of it made more interesting through the friendliness of the Georgian people to those of us in service. We find that we have many experiences of this nature which would never happen to us as civilians. I don’t know that we would be very interested in entering strange men’s home if we weren’t in uniform!!

I duplicated pages 1 and 2 and sent a copy to Phil & Mae and to Aunt Ruth and Uncle Walter. Hope you won’t mind if I do this once in a while when I have something interesting enough to write to all of you. It’s much easier to put in some carbons than it is to write it all over again two or three times.

I went in town Sat and tried to find me some shoes. I haven’t found any that fit yet. It is the same old story when it comes to fitting my feet. My G.I. shoes are getting pretty worn. I have had one pair resoled and the other is about ready. We cannot salvage them for new pairs until they really very bad. So most everyone gets a pair of civilian shoes nearly the same style if possible to wear for best and off duty.

The package arrived. Those things will help me alot as I needed more of everything. Finding time to wash is difficult; there are too many other things I want to do instead. As for size, I think I have lost some wait (sic) and some size because the blue pyjamas are too big now. I haven’t tried on those you sent. Maybe the elastic is all stretched out in the blue ones. I got weighed yesterday and weighed 164 with my suit on, but last week I weighed 171 with my suit on so I don’t know which scale was right. Yesterday’s I hope!!

By the way, we took quite a few pictures yesterday, and of course I’ll send you some as soon as I can get them. I hope they turn out well.

I must stop now and mail this.



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