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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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18 March 1944

Dear Folks,

Received your letter yesterday. I find that you say you have difficulty thinking of any news to write the same as I have difficulty.

This will be a short note as I really haven’t anything to write about. I went to the Library and the Basketball Game Thursday night. We lost badly. Friday after class we got excused from drill (Marjorie and I) and went to the hospital to see Calista again. She had a bad day Thursday and had asked for us but we hadn’t got the message soon enough to go Thursday night. Her nerves had given way but Friday she seemed cheerful again. I am going to Macon tonight. (after supper). She[Shall] stay in bed till noon tomorrow if possible. I’ve got plenty to read if I wake up and I shall buy something for breakfast so that I’ll not have to get up until dinner time. I washed this noon so I have few responsibilities for tomorrow. In the afternoon, it will depend upon the weather. If it is good, we’ll go somewhere for a bus ride probably. Marjorie has to work in the morning.

Next week-end, Marjorie and I are planning to get a week-end pass and go to Atlanta. We hope to get off Friday afternoon if we can get out of going to class and drill Friday night. We are going to write today for reservations at some hotels in Atlanta and hope we can find one somewhere. Everyone in any of the camps in Georgia who can do so goes to Atlanta for the week-end so it is pretty crowded there as well as having many Army installations right in the city anyway.

If things go well, I expect to be a Corporal by Tuesday next week. I’ll let you know of course. It will give me a little more pay, but I hope that I can get higher rating than that soon. If we can just get started on the ratings maybe they will be easier to get. A Corporal gets 66 a month.; so with insurance $7.40 and bonds $3.75 and laundry $1.50 out I’ll still have some to save for my furlough. Everyone is furlough conscious here as someone is either going or coming from a furlough all the time. They spread it out so that only a few will be on furlough at a time of course. I guess Marjorie and I will be among the last. However she is not planning on the same time I am as she would rather wait until later in June. I would also except that I would like to get back before the Brewer school closes if possible. It looks pretty definite now but of course anything may happen between now and then. Leaving here the 6 June and getting in Bangor or Lewsiton[Lewiston], Thursday P.M. sometime. Presumably I’ll have a stop over of about four hours in Washington. Maybe I can see Uncle Ted and Walt then. I hope so. The months really go past very, very fast so it won’t be long. 11 weeks.

We do like our walk at noon. We seem to have more time than we did when we ate with the boys as we don’t have to stand in the mess line so long. This noon I did a washing and yesterday I had a chance to lie down for almost half an hour. We just walk; we don’t have to march thank goodness. I did pay income tax. $54.11. With about 1350 to pay next March.

This is longer than I expected it to be.

Will write again Monday or Tuesday. Loads of Love to All of you.


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