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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga.

29 March 1944

Dear Folks,

It is later in the week than I thought it would be before I got around to writing. I’m sorry. I got your letter (or rather Phil’s Letter) which you sent me and I am returning it in case you want it for anything. Mother, Don’t let anything stop you from going if you can possibly help it. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for you. I am just as excited about it as I can be. I hope Phil can get up to Lewiston for a day or two anyway.

Marjorie and I had a very nice week-end in Atlanta. We got there about 6 o’clock Friday night and had a room at the Piedmont Hotel. Very nice with private bath. We especially enjoyed our baths in a tub instead of a shower. We slept late each morning and ate when we were hungry. Friday evening we went to the movies and saw Nelson Eddy in “Knickerbocker Holiday”. It is absurd but full of tuneful music. Saturday we shopped. I bought two shirts and a pair of shoes and other incidentals which I needed. The city is queerly laid out. There are many business streets and no one of them seems to be a really main street. You have to hunt for your stores. There are two very big department stores and they are a mile apart on different streets.

Sunday we went sightseeing. We took a trolley out through the residential district as far as Emory College. It is a very very attractive city in many ways. Of course as in so many southern cities in order to get to the white residential districts you have to go through the poor negro sections which are nearer downtown but after you do get out the streets are very nice. Many trees and much shrubbery. We hoped to see their famous dogwood, but only a few trees were in bloom. It is beautiful when you see a big tree just covered with white blossoms about an inch and a half in diameter for each blossom.

We went next to Grant Park which is in the city but is a large park. It contains a big building housing a cycloramic painting of the battle of Atlanta which is very interesting. It is a huge af[f]air painted around this circular building and having on the floor in front of the canvas many figures which blend in with those on the canvas and make a very realistic view of the battles. You view it from a circular platform. There is a lecturer and a spot light to help you understand who the characters are and what is going on in the battle. You keep moving around until you have been all the way around the platform. That really was interesting.

As you see we didn’t do anything very exciting but just had a very pleasant time not hurrying and doing things as and when we wanted to.

Monday I was rather tired and went to bed early. Tuesday I went to the movies here at camp to see “Up in Arms” It is one of the funniest I have seen for some time. It is silly in spots but many of the scenes are wonderfully clever. The boy Danny Kaye is a marvelous mimic and pantomine artist.

Last night I went to the hospital to see Calista again. Marjorie had a head-ache so I went with some of the other girls. We have three girls in the hospital now, so someone goes over every night if possible.

Must stop now. Loads of love. Kay

P.S. No promotion yet. Still hoping

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