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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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3rd WAC Training Center

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

Dear Folks,

Can’t remember where I left off my discourse on the trip down so if I repeat forgive me. As I wrote we had a very nice swim at the YW in Cincinnatti (sic) but had to march two miles each way to get it! Then had supper on the train. They could only serve 16 at a time and they were very slow so that the last of us didn’t get a chance to eat until 9 o’clock. We were tired enough then to go right to bed. Two cars of Rhode Island WACs joined the train at Cincinnatti. (sic) We got up at about 7 o’clock at Chatanooga Tenn (sic) and piled into Army trucks. The camp must be about 12 miles from Chattanooga. After registering we had our first mess and learned that we must eat everything that we took on our trays. the The lines


at mess go in the middle door which faces the serving counter – each girl picks up her table ware and tray and then goes along to the counter where the meal is served. If you don’t want to eat something, you want to be sure the server doesn’t give it to you. We were then assigned to barracks. Dot & I got in the same group, but then found we were assi-----(The whistle blew for mess so I had to jump. You aren’t even supposed to finish the sentence before you get outside whenever that whistle blows.) ---assigned to different barracks. However this is only the reception center and we will move to a different section of the post in a few days. The meals are fairly good. Saturday afternoon we marched (if you could call our rather ragged line marching), to the hospital for a brief check-up. We also drilled a little while and the rest of the afternoon the private in charge of our barracks and a private friend of hers entertained us in the barracks with singing & joking. After


supper we washed everything we had that needed washing including ourselves. Boy were those clothes full of coal dust. I ironed my other two dresses having borrowed an iron. It seemed nice to get clean again. (Went to PX.)

This letter goes by jerks. Excuse its jumble.

Last night we stayed in the barracks & read, etc. Captain Doyle, who came down with us, came in to see us about 8.45 & found us all in bed!

Today we got up at 7 – had breakfast then made our beds for the first time – much, much struggling, everything of course, must be just so. I got the blanket on upside down & had to make it over. Then we had a short talk by our Commanding Officer, Lt Broadhead, telling us some of the rules and the things we will be doing the next few days. Rest of the time was free time until mess at 12.30


We sat outdoors in the sunshine. It does seem grand to have warm sunshine again. It is quite warm in the middle of the day but coats are needed, but definitely, nights and mornings. I had two blankets & a puff & was still cold last night even with 3 fires in stoves in the barracks. We thought we were going south where it was warm! Did we get stung! It is just about the same here as it was those two good days Mother & I had at camp. Warm days, cold nights – no leaves- brown grass.

We went to the movies this P. M. Marched over & back. The movie was “Thousands Cheer” with Katherine Grayson, Jose’ Iturbi & others - Army camp picture with good music & several stars in short sketches & two or three symphony selections. 15 ¢ here!

The PX here is a branch of the regular post PX & isn’t so very good. In fact it is very poor compared with the Bangor PX.


We are not going to be issued some of the things we expected so will you please send me

  1. My flannel bathrobe (mend it place) (sic)
  2. Some more wire coathangers – 6 please
  3. Brassieres – 4 please – (pick out the best ones please)
  4. Some more clip clothes pins – if you can beg some someplace – maybe you could buy some straight ones and swap with some one – a dozen or so.
  5. My blue bed socks –

Tomorrow we will really start in to be busy – tests – getting our clothing – interviews – drills – various duties such as cleaning barracks washrooms, & grounds –

Will write you again soon. This still doesn’t seem real! But I’m awfully glad I’m here. I’m going to like it – I know.

Loads & loads of love, Kiss Bobby for me.


[Transcription ends]