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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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9 April 1944

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

Camp Wheeler,

Dear Folks,

This is 10.10 Sunday evening. It has been a nice day. We got up early and went to the sunrise meeting at 7.15. The Protestant Service was held in an outdoor theater built beside the gymnasium. The Catholics & Jews had services at the same time in other places on the Post. There must have been at least three thousand boys there at our service. They had fixed a very neat looking stage with a white altar and many palms, Easter lilies and other flowers. One of the bands was there and there was a fine loudspeaker system. The program was also broadcast. It was a beautiful but sad service. Thinking of the future of those boys and of the fact, the only thing ahead of them might be that hope of eternal life after death which was, of course, the theme of the service. It was a service I shall always remember.

We came home to breakfast at 8.30 with our officers and sergeants taking K.P. for us as their contribution to our happy Easter. Capt. Cunningham, Lt. Stokes, & S/Sgt. Hankinson were the cooks, white uniforms & caps, 1st Sgt. Hisney & Sgt Dollison wore regular P.T. Dresses such as we have on when we take K. P. but Lt. Duvall and 1st Sgt. Ryan made the biggest impression. They had some of the boys blue denim fatigue suits and had painted on the backs in big white letters “KP No. 1 (& No.2), Armored Division.” They apparently had the dirty jobs to do like cleaning the store room, the refrigerators, the garbage cans & outside area and washing the pots & pans. Everyone gave them a big hand. They were all good sports to do it at all.

Some of us went to the 10.30 service at Chapel No. 1 which was also a fine service, although a rather small congregation.

We had a pleasant surprise for dinner. We found the tables all set for us on white table cloths (sheets!) with colored Easter Eggs and fruit centerpieces. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, stirng beans, Waldorf salad, hot holls, ice cream & cookies, coffee, a swell feed. It was leisurely, no one in a hurry, Ann Yankiesky Tomadelli played her accordian & we sang for a while. Quite a few of the girls had boys for guests and we had a Colonel & several Lieutenants at the Officers’ table and our officers came out & talked with them after they had finished serving us!

I sewed on cheverons (sic) & sleeve patches for a while then read until super time. Fried oysters. After supper Crockett & I took a walk through the woods back of the barracks. It was just right, warm enough with just our fatique dresses on. There were a few dogwood trees in bloom. I am enclosing a blossom. It is not in good condition as it has started turn dark. I am also enclosing some of the pine needles so you can see how long they are on the Southern pines. Read rest of the evening.

Lights out now. Love


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