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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga.

18 May 44

Dear Folks,

I suppose Mother will be home again by the time you get this. I haven’t had much chance to write this week. I’m sorry I don’t intend to have it go so long. Sunday I washed, sewed, & ironed in the morning. Had one funny accident while doing it. Our laundry didn’t come back until Saturday night last week and when I opened it Sunday I found that one skirt was missing. We have only three so that left me one very dirty one & one clean from the laundry (which needed only a little pressing to make it wearable) – (not the laundry; the skirt!) – I took the two into the laundry to press & hung them on the racks while I ironed a shirt. When I turned to get the skirts I couldn’t find either of them and started hollering. Redcay was at the wash tubs and she began to laugh. She’d picked them up thinking they were hers and put both of them in the starch. So there I was with two soaking wet skirts. Lucky I hadn’t been intending to go anywhere that morning!

In the afternoon a gang of us went to Winship Lake swimming. It is a very small lake – (mud pond really.) only about a ten minute walk from the barracks. – near enough so we don’t have to wear our uniforms but can go in our sport clothes.

I went swimming & canoeing, got some sunburn but not bad. Had a wonderful time. Came home ironed a skirt and got dressed went to PX for a sandwich, and then to the movies so you see I was really busy.

Monday evening I went in town for some necessary shopping. – I orderd three small tinted pictures ($8.40) – one for Phil & Mae, one for Aunt Grace & one for Aunt Ruth & Uncle Walter.

I doubt if I get them before I come home but I may.- After shopping we went to a baseball game between the Wheeler WACs & the Red Fuses. Very exciting & we won. Rode home on the bus with the team. Makes me feel young again. More fun

Tuesday I was so tired I dozed all the evening. Last night I did a big washing & then went to the movies – saw Eddie Cantor & Joan Davis in “Show Business.” Pretty good.

Haven’t been to Alabama yet but expect to make the trip any day now. We’ll be gone only two days. Hope it isn’t this week-end as Marjorie & I have a room in town at the Georgian Hotel Saturday night hoping to catch up on a little sleep. Never get to sleep before 11 o’clock here & even Sundays have to wake up early.

Still planning to reach Maine Tuesday June 6th. Can count the days now! Write me if you prefer I come to Lewiston first or what you wish to do. If it’s too much work to open camp, Mother & I might get a room at the YW or someplace for a few days in Bangor. Let me know.



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