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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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21 Jun 1944

10.30 PM.

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia letterhead

Camp Wheeler,

Dear Folks,

I am sitting in our small Day Room in our barracks. I have been on KP today. It wasn’t bad. We had a break of about 1 ½ hrs this morning & 2 ½ hrs this afternoon. – I got your letters about the stove & refrigerator – I am so glad you could find something and hope they won’t be too much worse than the others. I really felt very bad for you.

Quite a bit of news this week. I got my tropical worsteds fix to wear and wore them last night for the first time. My but they look some better than the cotton ones and feel so much better. Even the new type cap is more comfortable than the regular overseas cap.

They also issued to us two nice yellow scarfs and two pairs of yellow gloves to wear with them. Pretty nice what! [?] We only wish it were cool enough to wear them!! Last night I went up before the Officer Candidate Board. Lt. Flaherty was chairman, Dot, and was really very nice. There were two other WAC officers. Not bad at all, but I have no idea yet how I came out. Even if I am accepted as an applicant doesn’t mean I’ll go to Officer Candidate School. They are establishing a pool of accepted candidates here so that if they ever do get a quota to go, they’ll have someone to send. But undoubtedly there will be a quota of only one if we ever get one, so that the competition as to who will go will still be stiff. I doubt very much if I get a chance to go this year anyway.

The next big news is the fact that I unexpectedly got my promotion today so I have been ripping off my old stripes and sewing on new ones tonight. Minnie Long got my Tec 4 rating and am I thankful. It took her so long to get a Tec 5 rating that she had become very very discouraged and this promotion coming just 21 days after the other is certainly a boost for her morale. There were two of us made Staff Sergeants (S/Sgt) and five made Tec 4’s & 6 Tec 5’s so quite a lot of girls are happy tonight.

Tomorrow night I shall have to take some of my shirts & jackets in town & get stripes sewed on! It’s just too much work to sew them all on myself.

Tonight at the meeting it was announced that we would be issued another winter skirt, more winter underwear, more ties & another winter cap of some kind.

Must close now



P.S. Give John & Miriam my love when you see them again.

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