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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga

25 Jun 1944

Dear Folks,

I guess I missed a day at writing. I believe I wrote Tuesday night. – Wednesday night we went to the movies – saw Red Skeliton [Skelton] in “Bathing Beauty” Silly but entertaining – Thursday evening – went to a USO – a Jewish Program given by a prominent Jewish Comedienne – fairly good but slight[l]y smutty. Friday stayed home and washed and ironed & then started reading Lloyd Douglas “The Robe” It is fascinating. I hated to stop at 12. o’clock! We have fixed up a small room in our wing of the barracks with a divan and 2 easy chairs, a book & magazine cabinet, a radio, and two floor lamps. It is certainly a relief to have somewhere to go to sit down! We are going tp enjoy it immensely.

Saturday (last night) Kerner, Long & I had supper in town, shopped, then we went to the movies in town at the Grand Theater. It was air conditioned & had comfortable seats. The show was old but none of us had seen it. It was “DuBarry was a lady.” I liked it. It was colorful & fanciful.

Today, I got up about 8 o’clock. Washed, & ironed, then I cleaned out both my wall locker & my foot locker. They sure needed it. I packed some of my woolen things away in [a] suitcase so as to give me more room. I put my new winter skirts & hat & my bathrobe & the lining to my utility coat in the mothproof bag with my winter overcoat.

I have been issued (as I mentioned) more skirts, shirts, & another cotton blouse. I have also got my tropical worsted suit all except the hat. Guess what I have a size 18 Blouse & size 38 skirts.

They are going to issue the off-duty dresses also instead [of] our having to buy them. We certainly are getting a wardrobe. We’re having a hard time to find a place to put it all.

This afternoon, Crockett, Long, Daisy Smith & I went down in the woods.

I darned stockings, mended my house coat which had become ripped in several places, and got started on shortening my fatigue dresses which are both too long.

Marjorie leaves early Tuesday morning on her furlough, also Sgt. Bell leaves and I have to subs[t]itute for her as Barracks Sgt. I’ll have to make out the detail roster and see that the barracks (are?) (is?) clean.

It’s getting dark in the barracks. I suppose I must put on [a] light soon. Nearly everyone is out and it is quiet except for the radio.

It has been very hot. It was better yesterday & today because there has been some wind.

I got both your letter, Mother, and Dot’s in this noon’s mail. Also last Sundays News.

I got my picture’s (sic) in town last night. I’m mailing one to Phil & two home. (one for Aunt Grace & the other for either Uncle Walter or Dot.) I don’t think I told Uncle Walter & Aunt Ruth I was going to give them one but maybe they would be hurt if they didn’t get one even though they didn’t like the picture very much. Do as you think best.

The suitcase rather got wrecked, Dad. It broke one side of the top quite badly but I guess it’s still usable.

The box of clothes came fine. I got them Tuesday, I believe.

I am sorry Dot & Bev had such bad weather & that Bobby couldn’t sleep better.

I must stop now and write Phil & Mae.

Much love to all of you. Give Bobby a kiss for me, Dot


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