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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Letterhead of Piedmont Hotel in Atlanta (crossed off) WAC Beauty Shop

4.45 PM Sat 4 Jul 44

Dear Folks,

I wonder if you are still at Camp or if you have gone back to Lewiston. I hope the weather has been good. It is terribly hot with a thundershower practically every day here. I’ll be glad when this month is over, believe me.

Another busy week – Bowling & Rollerskating at Ragan’s Park Tuesday night (lots of fun – fell down once!) Swimming at the YW Pool Wednesday night; Thursday evening bed at 6.30 PM to get rested from Tues & Wed!; Fri afternoon – trip to Robins F[ie]ld to


see Virginia McGonigle who is in the hospital there – then to the YW pool in Macon where I met Iris Cook. We swam awhile then went to the New Yorker for supper and then to the movies – We saw Edward Robinson, Miriam Hopkin[s] & Joel McRae in “Barbary Coast,” nothing to rave about.

I’ve really worked hard at the office – am fixing up a WAC Policy File – per orders from Washington – which insists we have a separate book with everything in it instead of a bibliography. Means much duplicate effort but Washington does [not] know enough about


filing to know or care. –It’ll take at least a week longer to get it in shape I’m afraid.

I’m planning to go with Cook to see Irene Dunne in “Over 21” tonight and tomorrow we’re going to explore the town of Milledgeville about 30 miles from Macon where the Georgia State College for Women is located. Marjorie Crockett & Minnie Long both had this afternoon off and have gone to Savannah for the week-end. They have changed the ruling and we can go 250 miles


from Camp now so maybe I’ll get [to] the Coast once in a while.

I forgot to mention our most important events this week—Ina (Kid) Wilson had a very nice wedding [in] the chapel Wednesday evening. She wore her off duty dress and carried a lovely bouquet of red flowers (kind unknown to me) – We all went before going swimming.

Major Tuttle who was expected to ship overseas and who was home on leave when I got back came back to the office yesterday. He isn’t leaving after all!

My hair is dry and I must stop now. Love to you all,


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