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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Mon. Aug. 7, 1944

Dear Folks,

I certainly had a wonderful time yesterday. We had a company picnic. We left here at 1.30 in two busses and rode for about an hour out to the other side of Macon on the Fort Valley road to a big private estate. 16 yrs ago Mr. Porter went to Normandy and on his return built him a house which is a copy of a Normandy farm house. Captain Stokes went inside and said it was lovely. But he has specialized on planting and developing as many different kinds of trees & flowers as possible. He has a large green lawn surrounded by trees & shrubs, a private swimming pool. Did we have fun!! The water was perfectly clear and oh so cold – just drawn out of a 70 ft well. There was an attractive stucco bath house and open pavilion near the pool, & trees & shrubs & lawn surrounding it. It was very different from anything I had ever been near. More like the estates at Bar Harbor! He had a large green house with all sorts of trees & flowers, including a banana tree. He has a rose garden with – “I don’t know how many” – different varieties nicely tagged with their names. We went swimming first, then walked around and looked at the flowers & grounds. Then had a picnic lunch and we were right in the midst of it when it began to rain. The open pavilion leaked somewhat but we finished lunch there; then went swimming again in the rain. As the lighting [lightning] got too close, we went into the bath house and dressed. By that time the ground was so wet and the weather looked as if it would continue to rain a long time. So Sgt Ryan called the busses to come for us early. We got home about 7 instead of 8.30 as we had planned.

On the way back some of the girls bought watermelon (25¢ apiece!) and we had a watermelon party in the barracks day room. I wish you could have seen us. We spread papers all over the floor and about a dozen of us crowded around. Messy oh my, juice & seeds & rinds all over that paper! We were in our pyjamas so we didn’t mind getting somewhat messy. More fun!!

We’re all tired & sleepy today!

There is a ballgame tonight – (the last of the season) and Marjorie & I are planning to go.

Must stop now,



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