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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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(Aug 25, 1944)

Fri A.M.

Dear Folks,

The week is almost over again. They certainly do go by quickly.

Monday evening I went to the library for the walk. Tuesday evening I went to the dentist (I had lost a filling) and then in town and had a very nice waffle with syrup at a small waffle shop.

Wednesday evening I went to the movies to see Katherine Hepburn in “Dragon Seed.” It is one of the great movies I believe. She played her finest role, but even so was eclipsed by the acting of Walter Houston & Aline Mahon who played the father & mother.

It is, of course, a war picture and is not pleasant but it is full of Chinese life & reactions which seem to be very true. The photography is exceptionally fine.

Last night we had our company meeting then I washed & ironed & sewed until 10.30.

We have moved our file unit out into the back room with the 201 files. I don’t know how we will like it but it seems all right so far.

I am snatching a moment to write this first thing at the office but do [not] know whether I can find an envelope so as to mail it before noon or not.



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