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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Sun 27 Aug (1944)

6 00 PM

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia letterhead

Camp Wheeler

Dear Folks,

What a change in the weather! We have shivered all day & all last night. It is just 68 in the barracks this minute and we’ve all got sweaters on, and love it!

Marjorie & I went to the movies Friday night and saw “Janie.” Don’t miss it for light entertainment. Dot & Beverly especially will enjoy it.

Yesterday we both had the afternoon off. It was raining but we thought we’d go in town about 3.30 & shop & have supper. So we decided to rest a while after lunch. We crawled into bed and when it quieted down after the gang went back to work, we both


went sound asleep and never woke up until 4.30 – Were we surprised! So we ate early chow here and then went to town. I bought boxes of candy for the boys for Xmas. I thought it would be better than trying to find small items to fill boxes. I bought four of one kind (Pecan patties) & one for Phil Cheeseman of assorted candies so that Phil’s & Roger’s would not be the same. That will take care of Craig, Tex & Bob also.

After we shopped we went to a show “Meet the People” – not bad but nothing to rave about.

I didn’t get up until noon today. After dinner Marjorie & I talk [took] an hour’s walk in the woods then went back and had a nap before supper. So you see it has been a quiet week-end.


We are going to have a tennis court right out back of the barracks. It ought to be done in about a week. I think I’ll buy a new racket No! Will you send mine to me immediately. Seems if it could be sent by parcel post. O.K. I believe the case & press are already on it. If I find after I try it that it still doesn’t suit me, then I’ll see about buying a new one and I’ll have the case & press here.

I’m trying to finish this as I sit in the barracks day room. There are only 7 of us here with the radio going and Tommie Wasserman is reading all the letters we’ve written to her sister who is a WAC in Italy. It’s hard to concentrate!

We just heard a broadcast from Paris. It makes one feel queer to think how wonderful they must feel in Paris tonight.

I bought some pears last night. The first of the season. My but they certainly tasted swell.

Just think Labor Day is a week from tomorrow. Does it seem possible that this summer is practically over? Thank goodness, the heat hasn’t been as bad as we expected. I believe I could get used to living down here, OK, but I certainly don’t want to have to get used to it.

Must stop now,



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