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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Sep. 3, 1944

10.15 PM

Dear Folks,

I have just got back to the barracks from Macon. This has been a nice day. I got up about 7.00 and ironed for about two hours before it got too hot. Then I read a detective story the rest of the morning. After dinner (which was exceptionally good this noon – creamed chicken, potatoes, carrots, rolls, ice cream & cookies). – I did up the boys package and addressed them to Aunt Grace. I also packed a package for you. – It has that old pair of pyjama pants, a couple of hats I can no longer wear, some stockings I thought you might be able to get some wear out of and some photographs.

Sis, it would be a nice Xmas present if you’d get an album and put in it all the pictures I’ve sent home that you folks don’t want for yourselves.

About 3 o’clock this afternoon, Marjorie & I and Ina Wilson & Gaselle [Giselle?] Kerner went to Macon to the YWCA Swimming Pool. It is a large pool in a covered building which is open on one side so that it is useable only in the summer. We stayed about 2 hrs then went to the Candlelight Restaurant for supper – Had to wait about an hour for it, the place was so crowded. By the time we had eaten the main part of our dinner, there wasn’t any dessert left, so we decided to ride out to a section called Vineville (something like the Fairmount District) (1) – to a drug store for ice cream. We got a nice comfortable booth and talked & talked and finally after about half an hour we asked a clerk who was working near us if they served those booths or whether we had to go to the counter. She assured us that they did service them but that there were only [?] waitresses so it was slow. So we sat another half hour. We didn’t mind because it was comfortable and we had nothing else we wanted to do particularly. Finally Kerner went to the counter & asked there and was told they didn’t wait on the booths and that they didn’t have any ice cream anyway. And we had sat there in plain sight for hour without their saying anthing about not waiting on us. We were mad. We walked out then without buying anything and went across the street. No ice cream but we had some nice lemonade. So we spent over 3 hours getting our evening meal. Not as bad as it sounds as each place was comfortable & fairly cool which was really what we were interested in anyway.

I worked yesterday afternoon and then Marjorie & I went in town. We did some shopping, had some refreshments, and then went to a show “The Man from Frisco” – The story of the pre fabricated shipbuilding. Very good.

I must stop now and write Aunt Grace.



(1) Fairmount District is an area of Bangor, Maine that opened in 1909 as a residential area with fresh air somewhat away from the pollution of the central city area of Bangor.

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