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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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19 Sep 44

Dear Folks,

I am on C. Q. (1) tonight so have a chance to use the typewriter in the Orderly Room. I am so sleepy however that I cannot do a very good job of writing I’m afraid.

You must have had a really nice week-end, Mother and Dad, I thought of you often. I have wondered this week whether or not the hurricane hit the camp or if it did any damage there.

Wasn’t it nice to see Lora. I had noticed her name several times in the papers and wondered why she was home so much.

I had a quiet but nice week-end. I went in to Macon by myself Sat evening to do a little shopping and then went to the show. I saw “Ladies Courageous” or “Courageous Ladies” whichever it was; the story of the WAFs. Pretty good. Then Sunday I woke up fairly early and couldn’t seem to go back to sleep so I got up and did my washing and ironing before 9 o”clock; then Kerner and I went to Macon and rode out to the city park and walked around there for about an hour; then went to church at the Presbyterian Church and had dinner at the New Yorker; went to the movies “Tender Comrade” with Ginger Rogers in the afternoon. She was on C. Q. at 6 so we had to come home then.

I just hung around the barracks in the evening. We have several new girls and we have been getting acquainted with them. One of them is an older woman who was born and brought up in England and was working there during the last war. She has lived also in South Africa and in India. As you can imagine she has many interesting things to tell us.

20 Sep. noon

Will mail this now and write again, tonight or tomorrow Hastily


(1) C. Q. is Charge of Quarters She would have been sitting at a desk at the entrance of the barracks to monitor the comings and goings.

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