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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Wed Oct 4 (1944)

9.30 PM.

Dear Folks,

I intended to finish Sunday’s letter long before this. The days go by so fast lately; the week is half over and it seems no time at all.

To continue--- as I said in the last letter – Marj & I got back from St Augustine just in time for the formal inspection by the Washington officers.

At 8 o’clock we fell out and formed ranks in front of the barracks. Col Clark from Washington & Lt. Col. Sheridan, one of the IRTC officers, inspected us. And I mean inspected. They stopped in


front of each girl and looked her all over – shoes – hair – posture – clothes.

Well, we survive[d] and he complimented the group on their general appearance. After we left for work, the party inspected the barracks, and later came down an[d] inspected the office. We had quite a day!

Thursday evening, we stayed in but Friday evening, we went to the USO Camp show at the gymnasium. Fairly good, - Rather good magician’s act – and one of the dancing acts was good. – several comic acts which were good. –


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Saturday, we both had to work in the PM.

One of the boys in Marjorie’s office had his mother and girl friend visiting him so we had his mother up to the WAC mess hall for supper Sat evening and took her to the Service Club for ice cream & then to the movies to see Donald O’Connor, Peggy Ryan, & Jack Oakie in the “Merry Monahans” a very cute movie. It was nice to have a civilian to talk to . She was about your age, Mother, and was very sweet.

Sunday, I slept all the morning; then played tennis on our new court for almost 2 ½ hrs. There is a new girl named


Drake who plays a pretty good game, and I have played with her 3 times so far this week, Mon & tonight – 3 sets each night.

I can’t win many games from her, but she has to fight for most of the points so I don’t mind losing.

I am much surprised to think I can hit the balls at all; it has been so long since I have played. I’ve done much better than I expected to, believe me. I only hope I can keep it up as well as I have begun. It’s been heaps of fun to play again. I needed the exercise badly and am I getting it all in a dose!!


Last night we went to see “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay.” Don’t miss it. It’s very funny and well played.

I will be sending home a package with souvenirs of our trip next Monday. (Literature not presents!) (Have to wait until the laundry comes back Saturday to get some paper & string!)

I am having some new pictures made in my tropical worsted suit.

I almost think a separate WAC book would be better so I could show that without showing my college pictures. Just any cheap book – Don’t pay a lot for it.


Must close now – time for lights out

Love to all


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