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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Letterhead Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia [Transcription begins]

Tues. Dec 7

Pvt Katherine W Trickey

A 100,388

Co. 13, 21st Reg Bldg 7-1511

3rd WAC Training Center.

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

Dear Folks,

Even this letter is going to be short. As I said on my card, I had KP Sunday and consequently had no time to write any letters.

We have been busy all day with classes, evenings with washing clothes, cleaning shoes, cleaning barracks, etc. It certainly keeps one busy every moment to keep up with all that is expected of one. I’m still enjoying it, however.

I am sending home my suitcase with my civilian clothes and Dot’s Xmas present. I hope it arrives before Xmas. Will you please send the suitcase back to me immediately so I can have it if I need it.

I am enclosing a small gift for Mother which I thought she might like. Whether this has to serve as a Xmas present will depend on whether I can get to Chatanooga (sic) soon or not. I’m not sure how passes are given.

As soon as possible I will send you a real letter telling in detail what we’re doing. Sorry this has to be such a hurried scribble.

My shots have not really bothered me at all. I’ve been fortunate. I’ve been perfectly well so far. In fact I’ve felt better than I have for months. That spell of indigestion which I had for so long is all over.

Being (sic) writing again soon

Loads & loads of love to you all


[Transcription ends]