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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Women’s Army Corps (WACS) letterhead


26 Oct 44

8.45 PM

Dear Folks,

I wrote a letter to you last evening and hope you get it. I lost it before I got it mailed and am hoping some kind soul found it and stuck it in a mail box. It had the proof to my pictures in it! Let me know if you get it.

This letter will be repititious (sic)


if you do, but in case you don’t get it, I’ll repeat here what I wrote.

(1) The pictures – I am having the following

1 large – for home (a free gift)

2 small – for home (or whatever use desired by you)

1 small – for Aunt Ruth (for X-mas)

1 small – “ Uncle Ted “ “

1 small - “ (Garland) “ “

1 “ - “ Marjorie Crockett

(2) Sis – If the material is good enough to sell, sell it. If not, give away anything, they can use -

Keep – all erinoid & amberol – (1)


Keep at least a dozen snaps for our own use – Keep all tools –

Anything else you may have – I’ll be glad to have it used. Maybe they’d even like some of those scraps we’ve been saving.

I doubt now that I’ll want any of it here anyway, and if I do it will be the pendants etc.

I am sitting under the dryer at the beauty parlor clad in my new G. I. slacks & blouse, a very comfortable green herringbone twill suit. We wear them to breakfast, and


evenings & Sundays around the area or when we go for walks in the woods.

Before having my hair done tonight I attended the first meeting of our new glee club. About 25 present – I think it’s going to be lots of fun. We will meet each Thursday from 7 to 8.30 – Tommie Wasserman is going to conduct it. She was a music teacher before she came in the army. I’m going to try to sing alto. I’ll enjoy it much more than the soprano if I can just be near someone who can really


sing so I can carry the alto tune!

Last night, some of us went to the Georgia State Fair. An enjoyable and different evening. The same as any fair – Exhibits – (though not as many as at home) – a big Midway – many eating concessions & many gambling concessions. I’m not lucky - I never win anything. Wigton won a stuffed elephant!


Going backwards – Tuesday evening – I played tennis – 3 sets – I won only 2 games but I had lots of fun – Monday was basketball night – Sunday – primarily washing, sewing, reading & talking – with a long 3 hr walk through the woods in the afternoon –

Must stop now –

Love to all of you,

Kay –

P.S – Mother, thanks for reminding


me about the insurance. I sent a money order right off.

By the way, how many $10 bonds have you received so far?


(1) Resins used in radios or other electronic engineering

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