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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Georgia letterhead


16 Nov 44

6.00 P.M.

Dear Folks,

This will be a Thanksgiving letter if Maine is celebrating the President’s Thanksgiving. I sent out a Thanksgiving box this morning and hope it will arrive. I don’t know how good the nuts will be – watch out for wormy ones & for green ones. I picked them up myself off the ground wherever I’ve had a chance – in the grove between the barracks & work – on the sidewalk in Perry two weeks ago – in the grove over by No. 3 theatre. The pine Crockett & I got out back of the barracks last night and also the cones. They are only medium size but I didn’t have time to hunt for any big ones.


I’ve had a busy week –

Sat night, Kerner, Crockett & I went in town shopping – We couldn’t find a show we hadn’t seen before so we came home early. Sunday I stayed in bed & read until noon; then after dinner played tennis for 2 hours; then after supper Kerner & I walked over to the big pecan grove near # 3 theatre hoping to find some left. We only got about 30 during the ¾ hrs we had there and those we knocked off the trees with a long stick we found so some of them may not be ripe yet. We went to see Bob Hope in the Princess & the Pirate I liked it but Marjorie walked out on it. It was a silly swashbuckling blood and thunder pirate story.

Monday evening was basketball practice which lasted until 8.45; then we had a party in the dayroom.


(Excuse the writing - I am sitting under the drier(sic) in the beauty parlor!)

Tuesday evening – I polished shoes read & washed –

Wednesday evening – Our first basketball game – played at the Macon YWCA. – against the Cochran field WACS. We won 17-16 – very close, exciting game. Much to my surprise I played guard all of the 1st quarter & part of the second & went back in for a few minutes in the 4th. So at least I played in one game, if I don’t get into any more. – We play again Monday night but I don’t know who our opponent will be.

This afternoon for 2 hrs instead of going to the office we had an orientation class


and went in trucks out to one of the Ranges to watch the boys train. It was an assault problem – the taking of a hill – We had bleachers where we could see nearly all of it. It was terrifically noisy & realistic – very interesting to watch and made us all realize more clearly what the boys are going through.

Tonight is glee club practice again – and I must clean my locker & get ready to go to Atlanta tomorrow for the week-end. I’ll have Sat & Sun there getting back late Sun night. I shall do my Xmas shopping so if you have packages come from Atlanta stores, they will be Xmas presents and shouldn’t be opened until then! I’m a little early but it is the only chance I expect to have to shop in Atlanta.

Much love



P.S. I am mailing at this same time my pictures for home ( a big one for Mother & Dad, a small one for Dot, a small one for Aunt Grace & an extra small one) – and to Aunt Ruth & Uncle Walter. I am keeping one for Uncle Ted & one for Garland which I will mail a couple of weeks before Xmas. The photograph[er] gave me 7 small instead of 6 so I have one for Marjorie also. Let me know if they don’t come.



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