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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Piedmont Hotel Atlanta letterhead

8.30 PM

Sunday Nov 19 [1944]

Dear Folks,

Writing this in the Hotel room while waiting for it to be time to go to the station to take the 9.40 Train back to Macon. Marjorie & Kerner are waiting until tomorrow afternoon but I have to be back at the office tomorrow morning.

We got here about 10 PM Friday – Had a good night’s sleep and got up about 9 AM Sat. We had a late breakfast together, then separated and shopped until 6.30 PM. I bought all my Xmas presents, I think – It was fun, but there really isn’t much choice this year. I got a tie for Phil & a luncheon set for Mae & 2 cute pictures for Janice.


We went to the Fox Theatre and saw “Frenchman’s Creek.” Very good! Pirate story but not too bloody although there is, of course, some fighting.

The biggest news this week is that I’ll be home for Xmas after all! I’ll leave here Dec 20 Wed & get home Friday Dec 22.

Mother & I better plan to go to Bangor the next week – Wed – coming back Sat – then I’ll have to leave Sun evening if I stop overnight with Phil or Mon if I go straight through this time.

Mother, should I write to the Y.W. for reservations for us?

I had become reconciled to not coming until Jan. but I’m


really tickled to come earlier. Just a month now!

I am on the train now – It is full but not crowded – but very dirty & smoky – The one we came up on was nice & clean.

It will be late when I get to Macon as the train is late. I don’t know whether I’ll have to take a taxi out to camp or not.

I’ll be seeing you soon

Love to all


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