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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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1 Dec 44


Dear Folks,

Got your letter written Tuesday, this morning. Isn’t it grand about the boys? Imagine all of them being home at once like that. I can scarcely wait to get home myself. How would you think it would work out if I came home earlier than planned so as to be sure of seeing them? I can leave Thursday the 14th getting to Phil’s Friday morning and staying over night there and then getting home Saturday afternoon or evening. I would have to leave Tuesday night, I believe, or early Wednesday morning to get back to camp on the Thursday after Xmas. That would give me two Sundays at home with the boys if they stay through Xmas. Or would you rather that I would be home longer after they left so that we wouldn’t all be leaving about the same time. Let me know what you would really rather I’d do, please.

It will be nice for Dad to be in Lewiston won’t it. I have thought of him on that long bus ride and wished that his work were nearer.

I do get a chance to see that[the] girls frequently. I eat with them usually, and Crockett and I go to the movies and to Macon etc together as usual. It is rather nice having a room again. Olga and I went to town and bought material for curtains for our two windows and looked at rugs.

The job is just what the army calls “in addition to your other duties”. It gives no higher rating nor any more pay. It’s just another job tacked on to what your [you’re] all ready doing!!!

I don’t care for it particularly but someone has to do it. It is too much like school teaching in a boarding school. You have to see that the girls obey rules and that is no fun for me as you know. I’ll survive however. At least I can enforce what I wish if I wish to get tough but I probably shan’t. If I tell them to do something which has to be done, they can’t out and out refuse to do it, anyway which they could in school.

They are a good bunch how[e]ver and so far it doesn’t look as if there would be much trouble anyway. One girl did oversleep this morning and didn’t get up to P.T. so I’ve got to do something there or all of them will decide to sleep over!!!

I went to see Naughty Marietta last night in Macon. The auditorium, -- very attractive building and quite large – was filled. We had to pay $1.20 and it wasn’t really good enough to warrant it I think. I enjoyed most of it but there was too much soprano singing to suit me. The Italian Street Scene was well sung and the leading man had a better voice than “Marietta” I thought.

I must stop this as I am taking time which I really need for work to get this written to mail tonight.

Please sat what you really think about when I should come home?

Give my best regards to the boys and tell them I am certainly looking forward to seeing them.

Love to all


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