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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Letterhead Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia [Transcription begins]

Mon Dec 13

8.05 AM

Dear Folks,

We are attending a class on First Aid. This past week has been so busy. A week ago yesterday I had KP all day so I didn’t get a chance to write any letters and I haven’t been able to get caught up yet. Monday when we got home from classes in the afternoon we found that our daily inspection had been so bad that we were ordered to spend the evening cleaning the barracks. Tuesday evening I had a big washing to do, and it went like that all week. Classes this week have been interesting. We are taking up Manners for Military Correspondence Women, Interior Guard Duties. Uniform Regulations & Care of Clothing, Military Sanitation, Preventive Medicine, Backgrounds of the War, Articles of War, Company Administration, physical training, and Drill. We’ve had some very interesting films.


Saturday we marched in our first Saturday parade on the North Post parade ground. We didn’t bring home any ribbons, but we did very well for the first time.

I thought I’d have time to write you Sat P.M. but I’d just got settled when word came that we were to get all our clothing out on our bed for clothing inspection. Then we went for our last typhoid shots and by the time we got our clothes put away it was supper time. Mildred Smith & I applied for passes to Chattanooga but we didn’t get them. Only 50 out of the company can go at once; so we went to the movies on the Post instead. We saw “There’s something about a Soldier” It was very good and quite a lot like what we are going through, particularly the scrubbing of the barracks floor.

Sunday morning I got up and went to church, sang in the choir, - wrote Miriam’s letter, and got went to dinner. Mail call took so long that it was about 1.30 before we finished. After that Marion


Spaulding & I went to Chattanooga. It really seemed good to see some civilians again! We window shopped, bought a few things in drugstores, we took a city bus ride which was very interesting. The houses around here are nearly all low one story affairs with very low roofs. The landscaping around looks as if it would be very pretty. Nearly all the houses are white wood or stucco.

We had supper in a restaurant off plates instead of trays, and took a long time over the meal. We went to the movies and saw Laurel & Hardy in “Dancing Masters.” It was very funny – I enjoyed it very much. We got back to camp about 9 o’clock.


I wish I could remember what I have already written you. I should keep a carbon copy I guess.

By the way, they haven’t sent our suitcases yet so don’t worry about it and don’t send it back until I send for. I imagine it may not be mailed home until after Xmas.

We got paid Thurs. $23.33. Aunt Grace sent me ten dollars and I have received my last check from the Base. I’m pretty well off for money now. This month I’ll get a full $50 I expect but for January I will have $7.40 taken out for insurance. I have made Mother & Dad joint beneficiaries. Also $3.75 for bond deductions. I sent $20.00 to the University of Maine.

We are now having a lecture of Malaria Control. Not particularly interesting.

I have lost 8 pounds so far. It doesn’t make any showing yet, but believe me I’m going to keep on if possible. These clothes make me look big as a barrel. I’ll try to get a picture to send when I find someone with a camera. I have all my clothes now except my jacket, so I have to still


wear a sweater with my skirt & can’t take off my overcoat when I go off the Post. The jackets had to be made to order and I don’t know when I shall get them.

I received the bathrobe & hangars (sic) ok. I could use more coat hangars, (sic) & more white hdkfs, (1) also a couple more fairly large bath towels and wash cloths, a candle or parafin (sic) for cleaning the iron, – no hurry about any of these.

I don’t believe I have told you much about my company officers.

1. Our C.O. is Lt. Betty Mavrico

She is about 27 I imagine, slender good looking, short, and has beautiful teeth, an

adorable smile, and a grand sense of humor. She is a very fine lecturer and gives many of

our lectures and of course directs our drill.

2. Lt. Warren, my platoon leader. (3rd platoon)

She is very short, with a nice Virginia accent.- She also is very, very nice.

3. Lt. Thompson, (2nd platoon) – medium hight, (sic) light brown hair rolled on each side of her


cap. – She is our Supply Officer and helps us to see that we get all our clothing. She

teaches Military Sanitation, Uniform Regulations & Care of Clothing, Preventive

Medicine. She is fairly good although not the natural lecturer that Lt. Mavrico is.

4. Lt. Pearson, (the 1st platoon leader) is the Recreation Officer, plans our basketball, bowling,

Baseball, etc. – She teaches Interior Guard Duties & Responsibilities – She has a keen

sense of humor and even this dry subject is made interesting by her side comments.

Then we have several non-commissioned officers.

1st Sgt. Busser, who makes out duty rosters etc.

Sgt. Petrucci who is supply sgt and who is also in charge of my barracks. – Loads of fun.

Sgt. Bonner – our company clerk – does company correspondence

Sgt. Qwimes – in charge of the other barracks

Cpl. Rosenbaum – our Mail Orderly – sleeps in my barracks – she is a peach.


Pvt. Stacey – assistant mail orderly

(Pvt. Brai ?) a new girl who has just come to help with PT classes.

Our meals continue to be very good, plenty to eat & plenty of variety.

I am still getting quite a thrill out of being here particular (sic) as we march to classes mornings & nights with the band playing & company after company march through the trees to classes. By the way the barracks & class rooms were built in among huge oak & pine trees. It must be very pretty in the summer.

It has been very warm the last two weeks, but yesterday & today have been colder.

I must close now.

Loads of Love to all of you. Kiss Bobby for me.


(1) hdkfs – Handkerchiefs

[Transcription ends]