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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Camp Wheeler, Ga.

31 Dec 1944

Dear Folks,

It is 10 AM Sunday Morning and I am at the office as C/Q. (1) so I’m going to take time to write some letters. There is no one around and it is nice and quiet.

The trip to Washington was O.K. Not exciting and no one to talk to, but I read and slept and enjoyed myself. From Washington down, it was a beastly trip. I didn’t get a seat until morning. We got on the train at 11.35 P.M. and it didn’t even leave the station until 1.30. so it was two hours late in starting and it stopped every little ways and just crawled anyway so that it was four hours late reaching Atlanta. The train was just as crowded as it was in June. Soldiers and sailors sleeping in every available spot on the floor and even one in our car slept on the baggage rack.

Fortunately there was another WAC on my car who offered to take turns with me in her seat which was very decent of her. So she, I and a soldier took turn[s] about an hour at a time. I’m afraid I didn’t get any sleep but at least it broke up the monotony. She was very nice and was going on to Gunter Field in Alabama.

Of course, I missed my buses to Macon and had to buy a train ticket. That train was also late so I reached Camp just an hour late. The girls who made out the Morning Reports fixed it up for me as if I’d gotten in on time however apparently with the approval of the officers so I haven’t heard anything from it.

It was hard to get up and go to work the next morning however! I thought I’d make up my sleep this weekend only to find that I was scheduled for Stoves and also C. Q. at the Office Sunday and K.P. all day Monday. Such is life. I’ll have to sleep next weekend instead! I’m really not as tired as I expected to be. I feel quite peppy today as a matter of fact.

Nothing very exciting happened while I was gone. We have a new Officer as an assistant to Capt Stokes. Her name is Lt. Allen. Gaiselle Kerner was transferred to a Camp in North Carolina while I was gone. I shall miss her very much, but am glad that at last she can be near enough to get home week-ends at least. Her father has been sick for over a year now and she has tried all this time to get transferred.

The girls in the barracks gave me 4 pairs of stockings so I guess I’ll be set for some time to come! Imagine it, I have 8 prs received at Xmas, 1 which I bought just recently and have never worn, and 3 new G.I. pairs. – 12 new pairs all at one time!!!

Mother, I did have such a good time at home. I want you all to know how much I appreciated it. Does Bobby still remember me? Give him a kiss for me. Yesterday, one of the girls in the office said, “What have you got on your shoulder?” I was wearing that woolen shirt I wore once or twice at home. It seems that I didn’t get off all the food that Bobby put there when he grabbed me the other morning as he was eating breakfast!!

I had a lot of cards and a package from Miriam when I got back. There was a nice note from Mrs. Thompson and from Char also. Although Char didn’t give her address. I think the one I have is the latest though I’m not sure. I guess a letter would get forwarded anyway.

Must stop now.

Loads of love to all


P.S. The weather is warm again. Warm enough without a coat outdoors. Maybe I’ll play tennis this afternoon.

P.S. Got your letter this noon, quick work, thanks.

(1) C/Q stands for Charge of Quarters

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