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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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17 Feb 45

1.20 P.M.

Dear Folks,

Sat P.M. again. My but the weeks certainly roll around fast. It is Minnie’s afternoon off and I am back a few minutes early using her typewriter. This has been a busy week. At the office, I have finished checking all the 1944 dead 201 files. I’ve checked about 25 drawers full since the middle of January. Today, we are up to date on all the back work, so I’ve asked for a three day pass Monday, Tues and Wed. Marj can get one too, so we are going to Athens, Ga for a day or two. The State University is there and they say it is a very pretty town. We are coming back Tuesday to see the Parade and all the doings connected with the Movie Premiere of “God is My Co-Pilot” in Macon. We are not going to the Premiere as it costs $10.00 per seat!!! There are to be Movie Stars in Person and Its [it's] to be a Big Event!!!

Tuesday night this week, we went to see Thunderhead, Son of Flicka. It was a good colorful horse picture. Wed., we had a Valentine feed in the barracks. With a Valentine Box and everything. Plenty of cakes and sandwiches and candy to eat. Thurs. Marj took me to town to eat and then we went to one of the parks to see some of the flower bushes even this early. The jonquils are out and some moss flocks as well as several varities (sic) that I do not know. It doesn’t seem possible that it is time to be hunting flowers again.

When I got home Thursday the girls in the barracks had a birthday cake with candles for me and a pretty card.

Last night I cleaned house. I reread and tore up I don’t know how many letters I even darned some stockings. Any way I worked form [from] 6.20 to 11 just getting my lockers in decent shape again.

Tonight we are going out [to] the YW Camp “Joycliffe” for a Basketball banquet. Ought to be fun.

I cut the cute dogs out of the Birthday Cards Dad and Dot sent me and pasted them on a piece of paper and hung it on the wall. Those were the nicest cards both for pictures and sentiments. Thanks very much. I got Mother’s nice Birthday letter yesterday. I have mailed both Dad’s and Bobby’s package. Let me know if they haven’t come soon.

I’m so glad Bobby’s sickness was not any worse, but it is a shame you had to go through even that much. I hope by the time you get this, he will be perfectly well again.

Dad, doesn’t it seem more like real living to have a job in town again so you don’t have all the traveling to do? I should think you’d have so much time on your hands you’d hardly no [know] what to do with it.

The weather is wonderful this week. So warm we are going without coats and have the windows in the office all open. It does seem good to have that cold spell break at last. I just hope it will remain warm for the next few days at least.

Must stop now and go to work now,

Much much love to you all.


PS. The News has started coming from Bangor OK

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