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Pvt. L. J. Turnbull

Bks 160 MAD


Norman, Okla.


Jul. 27, 1944

[Transcription Begins]


Dearest Johnny— & you other two;

John I suppose you’re all through with me for not getting you something on time. I’ve subscribed for Air News for 14 months for you. It’s a pretty good airplane magazine so I hope you like it. I’ve also got a little package for you as soon as I get to the p.o. I’ll mail it.

We worked out in the sun all day today & then when we got back to the barracks we expected to be able to sleep awhile seeing we didn’t have drill. But no we have to pack up our gear & move. We’re lucky we graduate in a few weeks so we only have to change billets not bks. It’s a great life if it wasn’t so hot.

Sunday a sailor, & another Marine girl and I went out to Tinker Field Air Depot. It’s the maintenance depot for B-29’s. The only one in the country, so far. Anyhow they wouldn’t let us in the gate without being escorted by an officer. So we called up the officer of the day and he picked us up at the gate with a jeep and an orderly. He drove us all around the ramp – that B-29 is a giant besides the B-17. We also have the largest engine testing building in the world out there. We saw oodles of planes all from overseas so they all had turrets, etc. on them. It sure was interesting.

Then when we got back from there we ate watermellon [sic] at a little place. They have tables set out in the shade. Then we went out of the airport & I flew for an hr. I’m shorting landings & take offs now. In class this week we’re working on S.B.D’s + N.P’s. Today we took the whole engine & engine mount off a Yellow Peril. We get to rev them up Friday and Saturday.

Quite a bit of excitement around here this weekend, too. Our bks. caught on fire Sunday night in the boiler room, the fire department put it out, pronto. A sailor hung himself down by the creek Sunday & in Okie City the S.P.’s shot a Naval Chief in the hip – he was fighting.

We went to church Sunday at this church – Not that you go to church for social reasons but when we walked out of that church not a single soul talked to us. It sure burned me up. Sun, Mon, Tues & tonight they’ve been putting on a rodeo. I hope I can get moved & back to [?] in time to go to see it. I’ve never seen one. Last night Davis[?] & I & another couple went to see the movie Heavenly Body. It rained while we were in the show—it sure was a cloud burst. The streets were flooded. So today we thought would be cool, instead it’s hotter than ever.

This is the first letter I’ve had time to write all week. I’ll write again as soon as this rat race around here slows down.

With love,


Put these in my scrap book.

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