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Boston field trip; IMPACT; Appalachian Mountain Club; Maine Woods Initiative; Washington Village


This is a new annual field trip, several years in the making, to complement the current annual “Walk Down Wall Street” fall event. Students from all the finance-themed interest groups guide the content of the event.

Impact Boston is casual, hands-on, and local. The emphasis is for students to explore healthy & sustainable community impact as a mission for financial decision making. During participation it is hoped students will engage in activities not part of the typical classroom experience.

Finance can be used for greater social ROI when thought of as a medium rather than a measure of value creation. Our hope is to engage with community leaders in organizations, non-profits, and businesses as they seek to create more value for stakeholders who may be vulnerable, or at risk. Examples are the environment (land, water, woods), community members (homeless, unemployed, elderly, at-risk youth, and others), and government/political support for minority community stakeholders with high priority needs such as improved health, education, and housing.

Inclusion and equity of all community stakeholders are foundational democratic principles. Exclusion reversal, and the rationale for exclusion are therefore important themes of Impact Boston field trip events. The field trip concludes with students presenting to Bryant Alumni and others about what they have learned and experienced during the day's events to create conversation and build relationships.