World War II

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July 8, 1942

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R.I.

Dear Gang:

Once again I write to acknowledge receipt of your gift of cigarettes. There is little more that I can say in the form of “Thanks” that I have not previously said, yet I do appreciate all you are doing from the bottom of my heart.

Received also the June issue of Bryant Alumni Bulletin and it certainly brings back many a pleasant memory. The list of Bryant Alumni in the various services is growing by leaps and bounds I noted, and it makes me feel pretty proud of the old school.

I see you had a dandy write-up in the paper the other night. A well deserved one, I’m sure. Noticed Prof. Richards’ picture and, confidentially, he hasn’t reduced much, has he[?]

Have once more been shifted around. I now have the best job I have had in the Army. Am working in the Newport Subsector Headquarters. We have charge of all supplies for the entire defenses from New Bedford to Long Island Sound. Am the luckiest fellow down here in my opinion as I now am able to have a pass whenever I am not actually working. It took me 15 months to get a job like this but it finally came through.

My address has also changed, so in the future, please write me at 3rd Bn. Hq. Btry., 243d Coast Artillery, Fort Adams, R.I.

Thanks for being so good to all of us in the service,

Gordon Van Eck
Corp., 3rd Bn Hq Btry
243d CA, Ft. Adams, R.I.

[Attached note:]

We think your Service Club idea an excellent one. Boys in service will surely appreciate it. Gordon says his Bryant Training has helped him on many occasions since he graduated and serves him well in his present capacity.

A. F. Van Eck [Transcription ends]