[Transcription begins]

Fort Adams, R. I.

March 23, 1943

Bryant Service Club,
Bryant College,
Providence, R. I.

Dear Gang,

Just a few lines from an “8 hour a day soldier” to thank you all for your recent letter and gift of cigarettes. Your letter contained a lot of interesting news and the cigarettes many hours of enjoyable smoking.

Curious about “an 8 hour a day soldier”? Well, I’m just a “racketeer” or “goldbrick”, if you wish. You see, I work from 8 to 5 each day for the General’s Staff. The remainder of the time is my own. My wife and I have a cute little apartment in Newport where we hang our hats. Each morning I yawn and come to the Fort - - each afternoon I reverse the process. Just like a happy little civilian. It won’t last much longer, but while it does it’s a lot of fun.

Have finally found the true secret to success in business and friendship. Much simpler, I assure you, than reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. As for the business end, you’re getting that right now. And for the friendship end, just have your wife work for the gasoline ration board - - you’ll be surprised at the number of new friends you’ll make. Makes you quite a here on the eyes of your fellow men, too! But, shucks, there’s only one drawback in the scheme for me - - I have no car!

Oh, well, be good little children and study real hard - - and thanks, sincerely, for your interest.

Corporal, C. A. C. [Transcription ends]