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Dear Students of Bryant Service Club,

Received your gift + Christmas Greetings today and let me tell you it sure made me feel swell, Thanks an awful lot. I sort of bragged to the fellow officers about the college, and that we have a splendid Service Club always thinking of the Alumni, + let me tell you I sure appreciate it. Thru my own negligence you folks have never been able to keep up with my rank or location. My address now is

Lt. Varad S.Varadian
APO 76 417 Infantry
Camp McCoy, Wisc.

It was sure good news to hear about the Alumnae. The boys all doing O.K.

My best regards to Proff Vinal + Φ∑Ν Fraternity, + don’t let me forget Sigma Iota Chi + ΚΔΚ.

Lt Varad S. Varadian

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