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Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R.I.

Dear Friends,

I have just received your letter and certainly enjoyed hearing from you. I wrote you recently thanking you for the Christmas package but am again expressing my grateful appreciation for thinking of me this way.

Your letter was very interesting and I was particularly pleased to hear of our good friend Major Lee. This was the first indication I had had that he was in the Army. I have written him and am enclosing the letter in order that you may furnish the missing part of the address if you have it available and forward it on to him. Also, if you find time I would appreciate your sending this address to me so that if I am fortunate enough to be in Chicago on a flight I can stop to see him. Thank you very much for your trouble, I sincerely hope it won’t inconvenience you too much.

Good luck to you all and a pleasant Holiday Season!

Lt. Don Walker

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