World War II;United States Naval Construction Battalion

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R. C. Walrath SK 2/0
C.A. Pet 3. 2nd Sect.
Beaver Ammunition Storage PS.
Clatskanie, Oregon


My dear friends;

The other day I received your package which you sent to me a while back. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your kind deed.

Since the last time you heard from me a lot has happened to me. In May of this year our outfit returned home from overseas. I’ve had a 30 day leave which was welcomed by us all. Just before coming back I received the sad news that my mother passed away.

When I was home on my 30 day leave I was married to a girl in my home town. S o you see a lot has happened.

At the present time we are stationed at this base doing a very important job.

I hear from a couple of my classmates now + then + naturally I am glad to hear from them.

Often I wish I was back at Bryant College. However those days are over for now. I will always remember those days of my life.

It sure seemed good to get back to the gold old U.S.A. Being away from home really makes you appreciate things a lot more.

There is no news from here. In fact I can’t even tell you what we are doing here in the states, however let me say we are doing an important job. It will be nice when this war is over and we can all get together again. Let us pray that this war will be over soon so we may all be together again.

I would like to hear form you all + also know the latest news of Bryant. Until we meet again

Thanks for remembering me.

God Bless You All.

Richard C. Walrath 505 2/c
USMR [Transcription ends]