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Somewhere In Africa
June 21, 1943

Dear Friends:

I wish, at this time, to thank you for the Christmas gift of cigarettes which I received on June 14, and also for the cigarettes I received on June 16.

My cigarettes had been mailed to me early enough before Christmas but because I left the U. S. early in December, I did not receive them until now. The fact is that I did receive them and I know that you wish to be kept informed when and where people are receiving your packages.

At present I am stationed at a desert post in Africa and I don’t mind it too much as things are not bad. We have been getting cigarettes regularly and more inexpensively than they can be obtained in the U. S. The reason I mention this is that their [sic] may be fellows on your mailing list who cannot purchase cigarettes where they are stationed and I feel that they are more entitled to free smokes than I am.

I would enjoy receiving issues of “On the Campus” because you could just put that into an envelope and send it over. All of our mail has been coming air mail in about ten days.

In closing I wish to thank you again for remembering me and sending me cigarettes.

Jimmy Walsh
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