WWII;Albert F. Wiesner, Jr.;Robins Field

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S/Sgt. A. F. Wiesner, Jr.
Sec. E 4117 AAF Base Unit
Robins Field 3, Ga.


Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence 3, R. I.

18 Feb 45

Am very sorry I haven’t acknowledged receipt of your nice Christmas package sooner. It arrived in perfect condition and it helped morale a lot to know that someone was still remembering us fellows in the service in spite of the fact we are strangers to them.

As usual we are very busy here. I am working in the Personnel office and my splendid training at Bryant is still helping me out. I will never forget the fun I had while I was there in 1938 – 40.

Time passes so quickly that it is hard to realize I have almost completed 3 years of Army life. Hope it doesn’t hit six years. Thanks again for the package you sent.

S/Sgt. A. F. Wiesner, Jr.
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