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AAF Indianapolis Area Contract Termination Audit Office
240 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis 4, Indiana
Tuesday, 5 December 1944

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Members of the Bryant Service Club:

Today I was pleasantly surprised to receive a very colorful box of candy from you.

It was very kind of you to remember me with your unexpected gift this Christmas season. Although I am not overseas, I am a long ways from home and still have to be ready to move wherever the War Department may order me to go on short notice. I want you to know that your thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated by me.

Thank you, and my best regards to all of you- with my best wishes to you for Christmas and a happier new year thank the last three war years have been.

Edward B. Williams, Jr. (1932)
Major, Air Corps, 0294095
AAF Indianapolis Area Termination Auditor

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