WWII;William A. Lambert

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[Transcription begins]
Sgt. Wm. A. Lambert, [corner torn off]
Office of Fiscal Direct[or]
Audit Branch
APO 513, c/o Postmaster
New York, N. Y.
8th January 1945

Bryant Service Club:

Once again I have been the recipient of one of your Christmas gifts. Last year while in the states it took the package almost three months to reach me. This year finds me overseas and what do you think, the package arrived the day before Christmas. I received both and appreciate them very much.

I can’t tell you people how much I miss being at school. It seems ages since I walked into a class room and conducted a law, mathematics or an accounting class. I wish I were with you.

Things have been going very well with our outfit. We arrived in England back in August and after spending about ten very pleasant weeks there we came to France. During my stay in England I was very fortunate in being able to spend some time with my brother.

France is all right but when you can’t speak the language—well, it’s hard getting along with the civilians. We are kept very busy so we have very little time to make social calls. Our living and working conditions couldn’t be much better.

Once again I want to thank you for the Christmas package it was swell.

As ever [crossed out manually with “Love & Kisses” handwritten]
Mr. Lambert
[Transcription ends]