Saidee R. Leach

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World War ll;Correspondence;Work;Camaraderie of War Wives;Censor's Marks;Letting Hair Down;Readjustment;Weather;Aviation;Mail as a morale builder


Dear Douglas:

Just time for a few words with you before the day’s work starts. It is a beautiful spring day, just a little sharp in the morning but by noon it will be quite warm. The yard begins to look lovely. Dad has planted several evergreen trees (small ones) and mountain laurel along the back fence and some of the bushes that he put out last year are beginning to flower. Here and there in the garden the daffodils and tulips are flaming and the lilac bushes are tinged with color and just ready to burst into bloom. The grass is thick and green and Dad cut half of it yesterday. What to do with the cuttings is still a heavy problem...

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