Saidee R. Leach

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World War ll;Correspondence;Work;Camaraderie of War Wives;Censor's Marks;Letting Hair Down;Readjustment;Weather;Aviation;Mail as a morale builder


Dear Douglas:

I had hoped that by this time your experience with extremely rough seas would be a thing of the past for this trip at least but after being at Bonnett [sic] Shores on Sunday I have my doubts. I never saw such surf and long rollers in my life. We went down to our old camping ground about ten o’clock in the morning and put on our suits but knew enough not to go out above our ankles and even at that the first wave almost engulfed us. There were not more than twenty people on the whole beach and no one took any chances. The heavy sea was the result of some storm far out and I am afraid that you must have felt it in all its fury but when you receive this, I hope it will be but a memory and not too bad a one at that.

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