James R. Dow


[Transcription begins]
June 16, 1943

Members of the Bryant Service Club,

I received your generous gift of assorted candies several days ago with great pleasure. As you would probably guess they didn’t last long. To make them last over two days would be a miracle. Buddies are buddies but there’s some communistic features to the unwritten laws we live by. “What’s yours is yours, and what’s mine is yours.” All in all they’re a mighty swell bunch of fellows here. Like having 75 to 100 brothers, so I’m including their thanks with mine and they are sincere and full of appreciation. There’s a double pleasure in receiving a gift such as yours. First is the enjoyment received through the gift and second and perhaps even more appreciated and lasting is the thought of being remembered by your fellow college men and women.

I hope in the future it may be our pleasure to meet you who have thought of us in the service at a future alumni gathering.

The effort, fine work, and success of your club is realized by those of us who have received your pleasent [sic] gifts. I, as one of many, am grateful to you members for your thoughtfulness. To each one of you my sincere thanks.

Cpl. Jim Dow
[Transcription ends]