About Bryant Digital Repository

Bryant Digital Repository houses materials produced by Bryant University students, faculty, and staff. The mission of this institutional repository is to collect, preserve, and promote research products and the legacy of Bryant University for use without barriers to access.

The Douglas and Judith Krupp Library also features digitized versions of select items from our physical archive, including our University yearbooks, Bryant Magazine, various historical documents, and our celebrated Bryant College Goes to War collection. A collection that makes available more than 1,300 letters from over 80 Bryant men and woman who participated in the Bryant College Service Club.

Who can contribute materials to Bryant Digital Repository?

Bryant Digital Repository makes available work created by faculty, students, and staff, as well as the materials from groups affiliated with Bryant University, its departments, programs, and conferences.

Why would I want to contribute to Bryant Digital Repository

All materials housed in Bryant Digital Repository can be found in search engine queries from platforms like Google and Yahoo. Furthermore, all items submitted to our institutional repository are indexed in OCLC WorldCat, a comprehensive catalog used by libraries and research institutions worldwide. These integrated tools further the reach of journals, research articles, and materials in the repository.

Bryant Digital Repository collects item level metrics on downloads, views, and other metrics of repository materials.

We can be flexible in restricting access of unpublished creative and scholarly works. This allows time for the author to publish before making the work openly accessible with us.

What types of materials does Bryant Digital Repository collect?

There is almost no limit to the kinds of resources that can be housed in Bryant Digital Repository. Here are a few examples:

  • Faculty publications, lesson plans, presentations, photographs, podcasts, videos, research notes, drafts, data sets, communications
  • Grey literature (technical reports, research reports, working papers)
  • Conference and event proceedings (papers, presentations, programs, videos)
  • Datasets
  • Computer programs and software
  • Open access journals
  • Open Educational Resources, including open textbooks, lesson plans, videos
  • Books and book chapters
  • Memorabilia related to research or Bryant University history
  • University archival records, policy documents, meeting minutes, notes, reports
  • Course materials
  • Theses and Senior Honors Projects
  • Special Projects

Special Considerations

Create an Open Access journal with Bryant Digital Repository

Our institutional repository is equipped with the functionality to create, host, and maintain an Open Access journal. Please contact Bill Doughty () or Rebecca Marcus () to find out more.

Archive documents from campus events, conferences, and workshops

If you host a conference, workshop, or other event on campus and would like to make the products of that conference available (including, but not limited to, the schedule, promotional materials, notes, etc.) then Bryant Digital Repository can accommodate these items. Please contact Bill Doughty () or Rebecca Marcus () to plan your submission.

Is there something you’d like to include that is not listed here? Contact Bill Doughty () or Rebecca Marcus () to discuss your proposal.