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March 26, 1943

The Bryant Service Club,

I wish to thank you again as I have already made your acquaintance before, at Christmas, for your thoughtfulness and kindness in sending a present to me.

It was also very interesting to read the letter which you also sent out to us in the service because it keeps us informed of what goes on at Bryant College. I was glad to hear the news of our professors and how well they are making out. It also pleases me to read of what you all are doing at Bryant College in the way of training for our young men who are about to enter the service. Keep up your good work and we all hope that this dreadful war will be over soon. Thanks [sic] you one and all. I appreciate what you have done for me and it is good to know there are people back home who are thinking of you.

As ever.
Cpl. Richard K. Harbach
Class 1939
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