Measurement Data on Commonly Used Scales to Measure Oral Communication and Writing Apprehensions

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Published by Sage in The Journal of Business Communication, volume 40 issue 4, 2004. Bryant users may access this article here.



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The Journal of Business Communication


Curriculum changes and training advances in business communication have provided students and practitioners with an opportunity to develop and improve communication skills. Despite such changes, research continues to demonstrate that communication apprehension can injuriously impede skills attainment. Yet, the measurement properties of instruments used to measure oral and writing apprehension have received limited attention. In particular, research has not fully explored the impact of question order on the measurement [properties of these instruments. This article presents the results of an investigation about the effects of question randomization on the psychometric properties of two frequently used oral and written apprehension instruments. Results showed that the measurement properties of these instruments were significantly altered when the question order was randomized.