The Archway Investment Fund was established to provide Bryant University students the experience and competitive advantage of making real world investment decisions - exactly like investment managers around the world. Based on this concept, Professor David Louton led faculty and others to develop a comprehensive program to provide students with experiences that ordinarily would take years to accumulate as investment professionals.

The University provided an initial fund and annual augmentations (now over $650,000) to provide students the real-world experience of investing in financial markets. By applying the discipline of sector analysis and benchmark comparison, the students come to appreciate how theory and practice come together in real-time and in real-life. Managed by a student-led executive committee, the security analysis for the Fund, which is incorporated into a three credit course (Finance 450), provides a unique and powerful academic experience. In the follow up course, Finance 454, student portfolio managers begin to develop the perspective of seasoned professionals by the time the semester is complete. Through exposure to best-of-class investment practices in the financial world, Bryant students gain a real competitive advantage in the market place and establish the foundation for leadership throughout their careers.

The Fund also hosts an annual conference, the Financial Services Forum, where regionally and nationally respected financial experts share their views on the developing financial world. It gives us great pride to watch our distinguished faculty and students actively contribute to this important field of knowledge.


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