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Hi Joe –

I’ve about reached my low point so according to the Dorothy Dix I shouldn’t be writing to you and lowering your morale—but as I always say what the hell’s a husband for. Yestryday [sic] I got a letter from Peg Murray, the girl I liked the most in the bunch who went to Alaska, we had a lot of fun together since most of the other gals were on the watch and we were both engaged. He was an Air Corps man too and in India, sailed from Bolling on 5 hrs notice about a month after you first left the country. Any way he was killed on the 21st of February & as she says she doesn’t much feel like ever coming home again. Then Mrs. Matthews answered my letter today. She had a baby 3 days after she got the telegram. It’s a boy named R.D. Jr. It was a pretty bad letter, but I’m sure I don’t blame her for going to pieces. She’s stuck in No. Dakota probably for the rest of her life and says instead of 23 she wishes she were 73. I get what she means. Then on top of that you write that you won’t be home in July—altho’ I thought that was coming—still you could have picked a more convenient day to tell me. On thinking the whole thing over—I wish some kind soul would blow the whole damn world to hell—and I’d be glad to be among the missing...

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