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Hi Sweet –

Life is rather dull here in the office lately but I guess I’m helping the war effort by writing to you. Ahem: Anyway, I love you, does that help?

We finally got to New York, and I did all the things a proper “hick” should do. From going to the top of Rockefeller Center, to seeing the Statue of Liberty and the Rockettes and Central Park, & a broadcast and riding the subway and going to church in St. Patricks. (It’s the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen). It was all fun but I’d like to go again with you sometime. I was so jealous of Helen and Steve! The trains are horribly crowded but it wasn’t so bad as Helen and I sat with a bunch of soldiers and sailors (the cutest sailor with the most beautiful Irish brogue). Elaine sat further up front and pretended she didn’t know us because our corner was making so much noise. We told them all the crazy things we could think of about Iowa—don’t know whether they believed us or just knew we were crazy and humored us...

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