V-Mail Written by Rudy A. Bigda to the Bryant College Service Club Dated January 23, 1944

Rudy A. Bigda


[Transcription begins]

Lt. R. A. Bigda 0-2190314
2098th QM Co. Trk (Am)
APO #635 c/o PM NY NY
Jan. 23, 1944

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Members,

It seems that every letter you write reaches me at a different address. I just received my copy of all the goings on at “Ye Olde Alma Mater” and altho [sic] it was mailed to me on the 8th of Dec. to Texas, it reached me today—somewhere in England. You can readily see from that one fact how much I have traveled and how often I keep moving. It is indeed a long way to Texas, or even Providence, from here, but the distance seemed to dwindle to nothing after the first few sentences of your letter. All the news seemed quite encouraging and I, too, voice your hopes that we can really have some real old reunions ere another Xmas slips past. No doubt the time is growing short when we’ll be able to get together—thanks to so many of your friends and my friends who are making this possible.

Unless your thoughtful package was wrapped in galvanized tin, I doubt very much whether it’ll ever stand up over the circuitous route I took getting here. However, I’m hoping that it does and, regardless, am sending my deepest appreciation for your thoughtfulness and consideration in sending it.

An appreciative alumnus,
R. A. Bigda [Transcription ends]