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Tuesday Dec. 13, 1943

Dear Members of the Bryant Service Club:

I am pleased to inform you all that I received your swell box of candy. My fellow soldier friends and I send our thanks.

At present I'm still working in one of the Finance Offices out here in Texas. It makes almost eight months since I arrived here. The only thing I like about Texas, is the weather. All the good looking ladies down here are from the north. So girls don't let anybody kid you about all these beautiful women down here. Of course I maybe wrong, because I only have seen San Antonio. Here's hoping no young ladies from San Antonio or Texas, read this letter.

The Army really has been swell to me since I came into the service a year ago. So far I haven't been in any actual combat, but expect to be sometime in the near future.

Occasionally you run into your old schoolmates. For some reason or another I have only met one. It sure is great to meet an old friend.

There's about ten soldiers to every girl out here. This is God's country for the women. Boy, how I would like to be back at Bryant, where the ratio is ten to one in favor of the boys. You lucky fellows.

Here's wishing you all a Merry Xmas and the best of everything in the New Year.

Edward Ameen

P.S. Please note change of address on envelope.
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