Items listed here may include publications such as complete books, chapters in books, encyclopedic type entries, and/or books edited by Applied Psychology Department faculty. Entries are prior to the creation of the School of Health and Behavioral Sciences in May 2022. For publications after that date, please click on the following link: School of Health and Behavioral Sciences Psychology Faculty Publications.


Manuscripts from 2021


Long Haul COVID: A Survivor's Guide: Transform Your Pain & Find Your Way Forward, Joseph J. Trunzo and Julie Luongo

Manuscripts from 2010

Problematic Internet Use: Research Trends and Theories, Janet Morahan-Martin

Manuscripts from 2008

Internet Abuse: Emerging Trends and Lingering Questions, Janet Morahan-Martin

Manuscripts from 2007

Internet Use and Abuse and Psychological Problems, Janet Morahan-Martin

Manuscripts from 2004

Paradoxes in the impact of the internet on women, Janet Morahan-Martin